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Hi, before we begin, thanks for visiting my site. My name is Raghav Bhalla and I am 28yrs of Age, I began my website design and development journey in February 2014. In my roughly 6 Years of experience I’ve found numerous efficient and genius ways that I think would help you in growing your business.

They all revolve around having a stellar online web presence for your business.

Importance Of Digital Marketing

Before we start busting myths, let me tell you one thing. Digital marketing no longer exists, it’s just marketing. If you are not marketing your business online, then I’m afraid you are not marketing your business at all.

How To Go About It?

Well let me guide you through this. First, we must build you an amazing website that completely resonates with what you do. Then we must market your website effectively, to the right people on the right platforms. After this, I’ll be handling the growth of your online web presence throughout the year.

My Business Model

My business model does not involve you paying me for one thing in one payment. I do not sell websites, I license you my services on annual basis. This is what sets me apart, I do not believe in considering any creation of mine finished.

I believe there is always a room for growth. The person who is always at the finish line is the person who truly believes that there is no finish line in the first place. With that belief in place, you must let me create you a website and then market it for you. I will also be doing your website’s search engine optimization throughout the year so that you are always trending on keywords that matter to you, organically.

I'm Not Alone

I have a team of wonderful people that assist me in all my undertakings in the form of WebbedIN.IN, a company I founded in April 2016.

I’m the sole project head at WebbedIN, so you do not have to worry about any aspect of web design and development. Once you have hired me, my project becomes a WebbedIN project too, so you get a team of qualified people always handling your web project under my leadership.

My Strengths

With my presence in the field of website designing and development since 2014, I’ve launched numerous successful projects while leading my team at WebbedIN.IN

Along this journey of mine I’ve mastered various aspects of web design and development.

Website Designer In Delhi

Designing And Developing Your Website

The first step of our journey together will have me build an amazing, responsive and SEO friendly website for your business.

The purpose of this website would be to reflect your business and its functioning in the most amazing yet resourceful manner possible.

Developing A Free Mobile App

Apart from having an amazing website, there is one more trick to set yourself apart. I’ll build you a free android app. The purpose of the app would be very simplistic in nature since frankly we don’t want your customers or potential customers to download an app before experiencing your newfound breath-taking web presence.

Its real purpose would be to further enhance your business credibility. People tend to trust businesses having their own apps more. What’s more? I’m building it for free.

Free Mobile App Developer In Delhi

Digital Marketing

Once your website and app are set, I will start with the marketing of the breathing & professional website that I have just developed for you. In this step I will also analyze what digital marketing channels suit your needs the most (trust me, there are many).

I will allocate the starting budget to multiple digital marketing channels like search engine marketing, social network marketing, video marketing & more. My job would be to tailor make the correct marketing strategy then execute it with perfection.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing means getting results via paid channels, in order to get them organically without spending a penny, I will make sure that the content of your website focuses on the organic keywords that are most important and relevant to your business.

Over time once your website starts establishing good organic search engine positions on smart keywords that I will be targeting, you will start getting quality leads for free.

Search Engine Optimization in Delhi
Social Media Marketing In Delhi

Building & Managing Your Social Media Presence

Apart from paid and organic channels, I will also target social media channels by building a web presence for your website on these platforms.

Not only will this get you free visitors that might turn into valuable customers, but it will also enhance the brand value of your business.

Free Support & Maintenance

Now you must be thinking, I’ll be doing all the stuff listed above just once. Well let me tell you that instead of selling you all these services on one-time basis (which technically isn’t even possible), I’ll be actively overlooking the growth of all these aspects throughout the year.

Remember the bit where I told you how I license my services and not just sell a website? This is exactly what I meant. No one in this world can make you a magic formula for business growth that will always work. You will simply need an expert who can adapt and tweak strategies whenever required, on the fly.

This is where I come in, let me build your website and market your business online and I will make sure that you enjoy all the benefits of this digital age as efficiently as possible.

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